Roofers Mart Inc.


About Us

In 1983, Roofers Mart opened our doors with only one store and four employees. Then, in 2009, we expanded beyond the roofing business to carry a full line of exterior products. With the purchase of four former Aluma–Kraft locations, Roofer’s Mart has entered into the siding, window and door businesses, which have allowed us to serve as a more complete supplier for our remodeling contractors. Today, we have five locations throughout Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky, and we have over 80 employees.


truck-crane-about-usMany of our key employees, and most notably Mark Postawko, one of our Partners, have worked in the trade and bring a contractor’s perspective to Roofers Mart’s day-to-day operations.

Our warehouse in St. Louis measures 115,000 sq. ft. and its size allows us to a great depth of merchandise. Our material is stored inside, under our roof, so our customers always receive their order in factory condition.

Our Branch locations in Paducah, KY; Pevely, MO; Marion, IL; and Cape Girardeau, MO allow us to serve our customers in other areas in the same manner. Our Cape Girardeau location offers a 65,000 sq. ft. warehouse, and is a distribution hub for our Southern markets.

By keeping a robust inventory, we protect our customers from seasonal factory shipping delays, and allow them to start and finish their work on schedule.

If for any reason a requested material is not in stock at one of our five locations, we have the capability to transfer material from store to store using our 48’ tractor-trailer. Just ask, and we’ll help you get the products you need.


fleetOur fleet of trucks and professional drivers allows us to deliver to your shop or jobsite so that you aren’t subject to the unpredictable habits of out-of-town, over-the-road independent drivers. Our drivers are familiar with the terrain in your area and are more likely to arrive on a timely basis.

Our Focus On Service

  • Our shop opens at 6 a.m. for early and prompt service.
  • Real people answer our phones and do their best to help our customers.
  • We travel the region on your behalf with roof conveyors, cranes, mobile forklift, box trucks and flat bed trucks. With these trucks and inventory in town, we can begin a project immediately, allowing our customers to keep their crews moving.
  • Our customers order in the quantities needed for the job. They are not required to order full truckloads, full pallets or full cartons. This minimizes waste and excessive inventory.
  • Our focus is on the professional contractor. We recognize the risks taken on each job, and we hope our reliability lessens that risk.