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Mardi Gras 2013

Roofers Mart and Lakeside Roofing participated in the 2013 Mardi Gras parade in Soulard for the second year in a row. This year, our theme was "Saturday Morning Cartoons." We collected old console televisions and donned footed pajamas to go back in time to our childhood memories of Saturday mornings, only this time we replaced cereal with adult beverages.  After a successful parade run, we joined the already raucous party at Soulard's Restaurant with our customers, family and friends. 

Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate Mardi Gras with Roofers Mart next year!

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Mardi Gras 2012

This year Roofers Mart participated in the infamous Soulard Mardi Gras Parade for the first time. With the help of Lakeside Roofing, we brainstormed, planned and constructed our float to reflect our theme of "Eat, Drink and Be Merry." Dressed in Viking costumes we managed to do all three! After the parade the Vikings joined the rest of the Roofers Mart family at Frazer's in Benton Park for dinner and drinks. Many of our beloved family, friends and customers joined in the celebration. Don't miss out next year!

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Roofers Mart Chips in for a Good Cause

Roofers Mart was recently fortunate enough to be a part of a charitable roofing project in downtown St. Louis. A new roof was desperately needed to continue the services of the Gateway 180 Homeless Organization. Gateway 180 is a resource for women and children experiencing the unimaginable burden of homelessness. They provide safe, nurturing emergency shelter services designed to get families into transitional or permanent homes in 30 days or less. 84% of the people placed into this housing will never be homeless again. Roofers Mart teamed up with Kirberg Roofing and Local 2 to ensure that this project would be at no cost to Gateway 180.



Back: Bill Siedhoff, Director, Department of Human Services, City of St. Louis; Dan Knight, Industry Advancement Fund, Local 2; Dennis Woods, Lakeside Roofing and RSCA President
Middle: Denny Marshall, Industry Advancement Fund, Local 2; Paul Eckrich, Jos. Eckrich Roofing Co. and Chairman of Gateway 180 Facilities Committee; Brent Wiley, Roofers Mart and RSCA President-Elect
Front: Mark Postawko, Roofers Mart; Eric Kirberg, Vice President of Kirberg Company and RSCA Past-President; Martin Rafanan, Executive Director of Gateway 180